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As the dry harmattan season relatively sets in in most parts of Nigeria, especially the northern parts, a practice which has since become an integral part of the traditional farming process called the slash-and-burn practice, which in other words, is … Continue reading

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What is next for Nigeria after Signing the Paris Agreement?

On 22nd September, President Buhari signed Nigeria’s ratification to the COP21 Paris Agreement, indicating Nigeria consent to reduce the carbon emission and lower global warming to well below 2 degrees C by 2030. But how does Nigeria intend to achieve this? Continue reading

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Why groundwater over abstraction and borehole proliferation is an impending doom

The water need of the populace rests on the shoulders of the three tiers of government. The federal government is responsible for the development of water resources and its allocation to the states. The state governments in turn are responsible … Continue reading

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Why an Eye on the Environment Must be Kept as Nigeria Strives to Diversify its Economy

The prolonged drop in the global prices of crude oil and allied products has significantly changed the fortune of Nigeria and her economy which for decades relied majorly from their proceeds. A focused and purposeful government knows better than to … Continue reading

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Green Movies: Environmental Lessons on Home Theatre

For the environmentally conscious, it is quite as easy as falling off a log understanding the idea of anything green. It doesn’t necessary have to be described with a lush vegetation and landscape comprising beautification with flowers and trees. It … Continue reading

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